Ray Comfort Talks About His Gay Experience on the Beach

Ray Comfort runs into a gay French guy on Huntington Beach and apparently fucks him all night long.


holy libel crazy girlfriend
Between changing his mind every five minutes, and going on random unexplainable killing sprees, God is like a crazy girlfriend at times. Let's explore this mother fucker...

Ask God: Why can’t I get laid?


Why can’t you get laid?

I can think of a couple reasons. Let’s start with your priorities. Perhaps instead of spending all night in your underwear complaining to me over the internet, you should put on some pants and go out to a club.

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How The Pope’s Statement About Science Fucked Religion Over

The Pope made a courageous statement supporting previously controversial ideas such as evolution and the big bang.
Here is why it's good, and also how he probably fucked himself in the long run...

The Holy Libel | Genesis

MANNNN, have we got a story for you! God creates the earth, destroys it, has a pissy fit, loves people, kills people...you just wait. You think your girlfriend is a crazy mother fucker? Check out this God guy....

Ask God: It’s Raining. What Should I do?


Ever heard the phrase “Save it for a rainy day?”

That was referring to masturbation.

Go for it. It’s a freebie.

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Ask God: Why Does Space Bend?


Well, if you had read my book, you’d know I created the universe… Here let me find the passage…

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Ask God: What’s Mrs. God’s name?


There is no Mrs. God. Women are icky.

That’s why I don’t even touch them when I need to fuck them…

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Ask God: If Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are Women. What am I?


You are Kristen Stewart…

…and no, I cannot help your career.

Get a boob job or some talent. That’s how it works.

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Joyce Meyer Promotes the Thug Life in her New Book